Live Audio

Click here for some songs recorded the 12th of January 2024 at the Ragtime Tavern in Melbourne. Friends on deck for this one were Carol Elder (vocals), Tony Elder (vocals), Salvador Persico (percussion), Nic Schroder (tenor sax) and Brett Stothers (bass) 

Live Footage

Videos that demonstrate the different formats of Jumpin Jack Jordan and friends.  See the events page to find out what the lineup is for forthcoming shows. First video is in duo mode with Tallulah Grace. Second video is with Tallulah Grace (violin and vocals) and Salvador Persico. 

Oye Como Va  with Tallulah Grace, Salvador Persico and Elly Blackham (tenor sax) and Mia Barham (flute). Next video is Moondance with Tallulah Grace and Salvador Persico. 

Melbourne City (with everybody!) and Micks Up with Cameron Skews (drums) and Brett Stothers (bass)