Upcoming Shows


Mar 7th 2020

8pm-11pm. Free.

Jumpin Jack Jordan 

Ragtime Tavern Piano Bar

JJJ is looking forward to returning to fantabulous Ragtime Tavern piano bar. Three 40 minutes sets starting at 8pm, 9pm & 10pm. JJJ will be joined by Tallulah Thornton-Lawrence on violin and vocals. To get the word on this very special venue see the review here.  

Every Monday 

From Jan 27th 2020 

6.30-8.30pm. Free.

Jumpin Jack Jordan 

Monday Night Residency at Lentil as Anything (Thornbury)

JJJ is chuffed to have a Monday night residency at Lentils Bar and Restaurant in Thornbury. This is a great space, so come on down for a fantastic meal and drink and some funky R&B piano playing. 


Mar 12th 2020

6-8pm. Free.

Jumpin Jack Jordan 

2nd Thursday of the Month Residency at Lentil as Anything (Abbotsford) 

JJJ continues his second-Thursday of the month residency at the picturesque and wonderful Lentil as Anything Restaurant at Abbotsford Convent. 



Previous Shows

Since starting out in March 2019, JJJ has played 22 gigs at venues such as the Ragtime Piano Tavern, Bar 303, The Purple Emerald, Munsterhaus, Lentil as Anything (Thornbury), Lentil as Anything (Abbotsford), the Royal Oak and even a Cocktail Gig at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. See the Facebook events link on the right to access details on these previous shows. You can else go to the contacts page to be notified of upcoming gigs. 


Jan 12th 2020 

6.30-8.30pm. Free.

Jumpin Jack Jordan 

Lentil as Anything (Thornbury)

JJJ is heading on down to Lentils Thornbury. Two hip, hop and happening sets from 6.30pm. 

New Years Eve 

31st December 2019

5-7pm. Free.

Jumpin Jack Jordan (and guests) 

New Years Eve at Charlies Last Stand

JJJ is chuffed to heading back to his home town in Armidale NSW to play Charles Last Stand Wine Bar 5-7pm. This show will feature some cameos by Tony ‘T-Bone’ Elder, The Sultry Carol Elder and Amazing Amanda Lawrence.